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Log Siding

Log siding is relatively easy to install for anyone with average building skills, a log siding installation guide and the appropriate tools: compound miter saw, table saw, drill, level and wood shims. Installing log siding can be accomplished by either nails or strapping. For strapping, there are grooves in some designs of the outside vertical corners. Installing with screws is less complicated; however strapping means no visible fasteners when complete. This overview entails using screws. Begin by setting all the outside vertical corners. Once the outside vertical corners are in place, the window and door trims needs to be placed as close to 90 degree angles as possible, using wood shims if needed.

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The log siding can be mitered to cover any angle variations. Always start on the corner with the highest visibility, usually the driveway side, to ensure the side to side lines are straight in the more obvious areas and work out any variations in the less visible areas. Keep working in the same direction once you begin. Using a level, affix the first piece of log siding to the sill plate, screws should penetrate the studs at a 45 degree angle going through the top of the tongue and the groove. Verify each panel is level before attaching. The first panel will be your guide for the entire wall. Repeat each row in the same manner, stair stepping as you go from stud to stud. After the first row, only place the screws through the tongue ensuring a tight fit as you go. Removing any splinters the screws may cause and continue to the end. Repeat the process until done. Use shims as needed, where screws are adequate for adjusting out any curves or bulges in the siding. Keep it level as you go to save problems later.

If you are looking for a rustic skin for your home, check out log siding. With tongue & groove edging, it assembles quick and tight!

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