Log vinyl siding: a product comparison

Log vinyl siding gives your home a rustic log cabin look and a surface feel of wood grain, but the product is made out of vinyl and backed with an insulating molded foam. Two manufacturers of this product, among others, are RMC Siding and KP Building Products.

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2 Major Manufacturers of Log Vinyl Siding

Resources Material Corp. RMC is an ISO 9001-certified company based in Fremont, Ohio. Timbermill's siding meets industry standards for strength and wind resistance, and is resistant to impact.

  • Timbermill Log Cabin Panel Line: Traditional log cabin vinyl siding, available in the colors Timberwolf and Harvest Brown.
  • The product costs about $386 per square (15 pieces).
  • Won't need staining, protecting or maintaining. RMC Siding backs its products with a limited, lifetime warranty.

KP Building Products, located in Williston, Vt., manufactures shakes, shingles and rounds; soffits and trim; and aluminum.

  • The Adirondack line features 0.046-inch thick panels and a nontoxic, termite-resistant underlayment so it won't dent, split, crack or rot and will resist impact.
  • It doesn't need any special wood treatments, painting, staining or maintenance other than an occasional hose down.
  • Sold in 11'11" x 7" panels, it's available in Vermont Maple, River Rock, Cypress and Spice colors.
  • Over the years it retains it color. Color-coordinated J channels, outside corner posts and undersill trims also are available.
  • The cost is less expensive than real wood siding. KP's Adirondack products come with a lifetime limited warranty.

This comparison consists of only two major manufacturer's of log vinyl siding. Check with your local siding retailer to see if there are other products to compare with these. It's a safe bet that any vinyl siding you find will be more affordable than wood siding and is likely to last longer.

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