Log vinyl siding: a modern take on a timeless tradition

You want a vacation home that harkens back to the wholesome times of the log cabin, but don't have the desire to fell trees and create an actual log cabin? Well, your dreams can still be a reality: Nowadays, plastics are quickly replacing wood as a go-to material for home exteriors.

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Log vinyl siding

There is one company that stands out in log vinyl siding:Timbermill. Timbermill makes wood-grain vinyl siding with CPVC, slightly stronger and more resistant to heat than the common PVC. The log panels are backed with a rigid polystyrene foam that adds strength and insulation, guarding against summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

But remember: Though it does insulate some, log vinyl siding is primarily a decorative product. Real logs would provide structure as well as insulation.

Environmental issues

There are conflicting ideas regarding the environmental impact of vinyl siding. Some think that real logs are better, because the production of vinyl siding creates toxic gases linked to environmental damage. At the same time, others believe that using vinyl siding is preferable, because no trees are cut down to get that log-cabin look. As always, you should educate yourself on your options before you make your choice. When it comes down to it, the decision is up to you.

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