For a rustic home look, consider log vinyl siding

Originated by Swedith settlers, log cabin homes have been around since the 1700s. They were built with very large pieces of wood, one of the more efficient methods of insulation at the time. Although there are now many more practical ways to build and insulate a home, several homeowners are still attracted to the rustic look of log cabin homes. Log vinyl siding offers the same natural appearance while being virtually maintenance free and far more cost effective than real logs.

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Vinyl log siding benefits, options and cost

Log vinyl siding is made of real wood but will not adjust or settle like logs. Once installed, it does not require sealing, staining or refinishing and will not rot or splinter. Like normal vinyl siding, the only maintenance it may require is cleaning with a power washer once or twice a year. It's backed with rigid polystyrene insulation, which is energy efficient and prevents the loss of hot and cold air throughout the seasons.

Log siding is sold at most major siding stores and is available in a variety of colors and wood types, including cedar, cypress and redwood. Homeowners who are looking for a rustic home often choose this siding because it offers numerous options and is low maintenance. Though certainly not the least expensive option on the market, it's much less expensive than real logs. Prices range from $1 to $4 a foot and vary depending on the color and type of wood. Vinyl siding is also much easier and less expensive to install than real logs and will save money on heating and cooling expenses. If you've always wanted the look of a log cabin but the efficiency of modern building products, log vinyl siding may be the way to go.

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