Fiber Cement Siding: To Side, or Not to Side?

Rising in popularity in recent years, fiber cement siding has emerged into the spotlight as an appealing alternative to traditional siding choices like wood, stucco, and vinyl. Fiber cement siding is manufactured from a mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose fiber, and can be engineered to look like real hard wood or stone. Fiber cement siding also comes in shingle/shake, beveled, and stucco siding styles to recreate the authentic look of those materials, while having less hassle in maintenance.

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Why Should I Choose Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is more fire retardant than traditional siding choices like wood or vinyl. More durable than vinyl and easier to maintain than wood, fiber cement siding has been a very popular addition to the siding market. Fiber cement offers a very realistic-looking replication of wood grain and stone or stucco products, without many of their upkeep chores. Flexible enough to be painted as well, fiber cement also tends to be more affordable than traditional wood clapboard siding options and typically carries a 50-year warranty, depending on brand and style.

What to Know About Fiber Cement Siding

There is always more to the story, and with fiber cement siding, its important to know that compared with vinyl siding, it can be more expensive. While it has the advantage of being paint-able, it also has the potential disadvantage of being paint-able, since painting can be more expensive to undertake, whether you chose to pay a painting contractor, or complete the difficult task yourself. Fiber cement siding is typically a more time-intensive installation project than vinyl.

Another note on installation--due to its composition, fiber cement is very difficult to install on your own, and should be done by professional siding experts to make sure you get the best results.

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