Quick Tips Before Starting Your Hardiplank Installation Project

Hardiplank lap siding is a fiber cement siding product developed by the James Hardie Company. It is very durable, and is resistant to insects, moisture, and fire. The composition of Hardiplank makes it an excellent choice for your siding project, but that composition also makes it a little different to work with than other siding products. Before you begin your Hardiplank installation project, here are a few tips to consider.

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A Few Hardiplank Installation Tips

Hardiplank siding is heavy and should always be stored flat. When carrying Hardiplank, you must take care that the boards don't snap. Individual boards should be carried in a vertical position, and you may find it easier to handle the boards if you have a helper, especially during installation.

There are several ways Hardiplank may be cut on the job site. The recommended cutting methods are:

  • Score and snap
  • Shears
  • Circular saw with a Hardiblade

Cutting Hardiplank siding with a saw can create a lot of harmful dust, so always wear a dust mask while cutting, and avoid cutting the product indoors.

When attaching Hardiplank to wood framing, the framing may be spaced as far apart as 24 inches on center; however, 16 inches is recommended. Hardiplank may be installed over insulation board up to 1 inch thick. A water resistant barrier should always be installed over the insulation board prior to installing the siding.

Hardiplank lap siding is designed to be fastened using a blind nailing method. Nails in a board are hidden by the next board when it is installed. This Hardiplank installation method results in a finished project where almost all fasteners are hidden. An exception to this method is in areas subject to high winds, where face nailing is recommended.

Following these quick tips for Hardiplank installation should get you started on the path to a successful siding project.

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