Hardie Board: The Top Fiber Cement Siding Option

You know you're an industry leader when consumers use the name of your siding to identify all fiber cement siding, even those of your competitors. James Hardie developed Hardie Board fiber cement siding during the 1980s and since that time has worked to perfect it. James Hardie has a little bit of an advantage over their competitors because all of their resources go into making their fiber cement siding products better. All James Hardie produces are fiber cement siding products; that's one of the reasons why Hardie Board is synonymous with the technology.

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Hardie Board Fiber Cement Lap Siding

James Hardie horizontal lap siding is one of their most popular products due to its traditional wood siding appearance. The Hardie Board siding is moisture, termite, and fire resistant and is available with up to a 30 year limited warranty. The horizontal lap siding is produced in many styles such as:

  • Select Cedarmill
  • Beaded Cedarmill
  • Beaded Smooth
  • Colonial Roughsawn
  • Rustic Cedar

Siding widths vary according to style, but it is possible to have a reveal as small as 4 inches, and you can find some styles with a reveal of up to 10 inches if you like the look of wide boards.

Hardie Board: Advancing the Fiber Cement Technology

James Hardie is constantly striving to give their customers more options. Hardie Board siding is also available in vertical siding panels or if you are looking for trim accents, choose from the various styles of shingle and shake fiber cement panels. Many customers prefer a pre-finished fiber cement siding board that doesn't require painting, and for these people James Hardie has developed ColorPlus technology. Many Hardie Board styles are available in a wide array of factory applied colors with a 15 year limited warranty on the finish. Give some thought to using a fiber cement siding industry leader when choosing the siding for your home.



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