Evaluate your siding's ROI: fiber cement vs. vinyl

The good news is that regardless of what you decide on the fiber cement vs. vinyl siding debate, re-siding your home is a sound investment. According to the cost versus value studies done by Remodeling Magazine, replacing your existing siding with either fiber cement or foam-backed vinyl have both ranked in the top ten of sound investment home improvement projects for the past five years.

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Regardless of which option you choose, the nationwide average shows that new siding, weighing cost against value, consistently ranks higher than many other remodel projects, like mid-range bathroom overhauls and new roofs. The number one reason is that new siding is a quick way to update your home and enhance curb appeal.

Still deciding on fiber cement vs. vinyl?

According to the manufacturer, James Hardie, one of the nation's leading makers of fiber cement siding, their products are more durable and resist warping, cracking and fading better than vinyl siding. Fiber cement siding, however, costs substantially more. While the exact cost varies depending on geographical location, generally fiber cement siding runs about $500 per square (a square is 100 square feet), while vinyl siding costs between $200 and $300 a square.

Besides the durability, another big reason that some homeowners favor fiber cement over vinyl siding is that it is more easily painted. While this can reduce the fade effect that occurs with other siding products, it also presents a regular maintenance requirement.

Many leading manufacturers of high quality vinyl and fiber cement now offer an array of products that complement their siding and tie the look of a house together, like soffits, fascias and trim. Regardless of which option you choose in the fiber cement vs. vinyl decision, the outside of your home can look brand new.

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