Different Types of Vinyl Siding and Your Home

There are so many different styles of vinyl siding: it's not hard to find one that can fit on just about any type of home and improve its appearance.

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Changes in Vinyl Siding Installation

The process of vinyl siding installation has come a long way. Before, you would only get cladding material that allowed moisture to penetrate into the skeleton of your home. It would also expand and contract in heat and cold and wasn't cut to accommodate such changes. Vinyl siding would chip easily and warp.

Today, homes are wrapped in a waterproof plastic to add a significant moisture barrier. Vinyl siding installation now allows expansion and contraction and typically avoids any problems with buckling. They also come in lighter colors, because darker colors tend to absorb more heat and act as an agent of expansion and contraction.

Vinyl Siding Installation and Home Styles

Some changes in vinyl siding styles deal with remodels of older homes with classical architecture. Styles like shakes, shingles, scallops and fish scales, traditionally used with wood, can be replaced with vinyl pieces. Take a look at these other advantages of vinyl siding:

  • Less flammable than traditional wood siding
  • Cheaper
  • Easier to clean
  • Doesn't fade
  • Doesn't require paint

Since vinyl siding is typically thin, it can come with insulation for colder or warmer climates, adding to your home's energy efficiency. If style, efficiency and savings have you interested, contact a professional to learn more.

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