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Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is very attractive, one of the most highly favored among wood siding, and it will last for years and years if properly maintained. It is also one of the most preferred woods for siding because cedar is more naturally resistant to decay. Cedar is available in high quality grades; the wood is beautiful enough to use a clear sealer to protect the siding instead of coats of paint or stain. Stains in earth tones, browns, or grays can also be a very beautiful application, depending on personal preference. If the cedar siding is unfinished it can develop a graying color and may require a lot of work and possibly chemicals to be cleaned, or you could stain over the gray and make a change in the color. Testing an inconspicuous area would be a good idea in order to determine what type of stain will be needed in order to achieve the final shade desired.

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Cedar siding should be cleaned yearly to maintain its natural beauty. Wearing eye protection and gloves you will need to scrub each section of the surface, section by section, with a soft bristle brush. Beginning at the top, work your way across the areas being cleaned. Then moving down and across, work your way to the bottom section, this is done so that you avoid running dirt and dirty water over the clean sections. A bucket of warm water with a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid should suffice, and then rinse with a water hose. The use of a power washer should be strictly avoided unless, and possibly only by a professional, when stripping old paint is necessary and then should only be used with much caution, on the lowest possible setting in order to avoid damaging the cedar siding.

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