Split Faced Brick: A Different Look For Your Home

Perhaps you've never noticed, but many commercial buildings use split faced block as an exterior finish. It has been popular with building owners because it is an attractive, low maintenance product, and also very durable. You can have those same qualities on your home with split faced brick.

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Split Faced Brick: A Sturdy, High-quality Style

Split faced brick siding is made in much the same way that conventional masonry solid block is made. The difference is that colors are added to the mixture, and different aggregate (stone) is used in the mix.

Depending on the look the manufacturer is hoping to achieve, they may use rounded pebbles resembling miniature river rock, or they may choose a white stone for a quartz appearance. There are many colors of brick available, and a great variety of aggregate types.

After the brick is manufactured, it is split down the center lengthwise by a machine to create two split faced bricks.

  • The exposed face on split faced brick is unique--very seldom do two bricks look the same. The face has a chiseled appearance, with exposed aggregate, while all of the other faces are smooth.
  • The height and depth of split faced brick is similar to conventional brick; however, the most commonly used length is about 16 inches long, as compared to the approximate 8 inches of regular brick.
  • Split faced brick often costs less than regular brick.
  • A mason installs split faced brick using mortar, much the same as regular brick.
  • Split faced brick can look good as an accent, or as an entire exterior veneer.

Split faced brick may be available from local block manufacturers, or they may be a distributor for manufacturers such as IBC Brick.

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