Brick Siding Installation Requires Using These Materials Properly

A brick veneer can last as long as your house, and requires very little maintenance. However, if it is installed incorrectly, it can lead to expensive repairs, and possibly even safety issues.

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Before Starting Brick Siding Installation, Understand How These Materials Work

Brick veneer is heavy. Even if you are only doing a brick siding installation on a small section of your home, there is a lot of combined weight once the brick and mortar are in place. That is why you need a brick ledge in your foundation, or block installed up from your concrete footer, to support the weight. However, there are also other components needed to help carry this weight.

Brick Ties, Brick ties are used to hold the brick veneer against the main structure of your home. The brick ledge supports the weight of the brick from underneath, and the brick ties keep the veneer from leaning away from the home. The most commonly used ties for residential brick siding installation are corrugated strips of metal. A conventional brick veneer wall should have ties spaced at a maximum of 32 inches on a horizontal plane, and 18 inches vertically. Nail them securely into the framing members of the home.

Brick Lintels, Brick lintels are used to carry the weight of the brick veneer over openings in the wall, such as windows and doors. Brick lintels are usually metal and should be primed with a rustproof paint prior to installation. Brick salespeople can help you with sizing lintels for normal window and door openings, but engineers or architects should size larger opening lintels. The lintel should extend at least four to eight inches past the opening on either side.

If you use brick ties and lintels correctly during your brick siding installation, they should work with your brick ledge to keep your brick veneer in place for the life of your home.

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