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Brick Siding

Brick siding is a very popular improvement option for enhancing the exterior of your home and offers a very warm, traditional look. Brick, which is fired clay, comes in more colors than just red brick, adding quality that is simply not often enough thought of. The colors range around earth tones. Some claim that brick siding can help an existing wall by strengthening or reinforcing; however you should definitely research the matter and or possibly consult a professional if there is any question as to rather or not there be structural damage or concern regarding structural support prior to adding any siding or exterior improvements.

Latest Articles

Split Faced Brick: A Different Look For Your Home
June 07, 2010
You probably haven't seen too many homes with split faced brick as an exterior siding. Split faced block has been used on commercial buildings for many years, but split faced brick is just starting to catch on in the residential market. You may be the trend setter in your neighborhood....

Install a Brick Face Accent to Make Your Home Distinctive
May 24, 2010
If you happen to live in a neighborhood where the only way you can tell which house is yours is by the color of the siding, perhaps you need a little extra something on your exterior elevation. A brick face accent can make your home unique, and it may be easier than you think....

Brick Siding Installation Requires Using These Materials Properly
May 04, 2010
Brick veneer is a beautiful siding option for your home, but use these key components correctly while doing your brick siding installation. If you install them improperly, or forget them entirely, you may have major problems in the future....

Brick siding is becoming more and more popular and some also claim the results of adding a brick siding finish lends a higher quality and overall beauty of the property appearance. There are many types of brick siding that you can chose from when considering installation; Natural Brick, Brick Veneer and Faux Brick to name just a few. Natural Brick Natural brick stone siding can be of particular challenge to install depending on the siding or material of the original exterior of your home. Natural brick for all its challenge lends both elegance and style to any homes appearance. Brick Veneer siding is thin sliced brick panels of ½-inch thick clay and are available in numerous colors. These panels are kiln-fired and weather tested clay bricks. Panel bricks make for an easier installation and should always be installed with a water barrier board especially if being installed in heavy rain areas. Faux Brick is also very durable, easily maintained vinyl siding that is lightweight, as opposed to real brick, and they are available as a panel installation, a variety of colors and are also easy to install.

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