Getting to Know Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has long been a popular choice for homeowners looking to beautify or weatherproof their home exterior. Historically, homeowners with wood, brick or stucco faced a variety of maintenance issues which were solved with the introduction of aluminum siding. Prices for aluminum siding post WWII also encouraged strong adoption - as excess aluminum production capacity hit the market.

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Aluminum Siding Maintenance

Whereas wood siding can warp, rot, or suffer insect damage in a variety of conditions, aluminum siding stands up excellently to the elements. Painted aluminum siding tends to hold its color longer than painted wood, and many aluminum siding dealers offer preconditioned siding, vinyl-finished or painted, in a wide array of colors.

One potential drawback of aluminum siding is its tendency to dent. Whether you're mowing a rocky lawn, knocking around a baseball in the yard, or accidentally letting your painter's ladder crash against an exterior wall, aluminum siding is known to give under impact.

Aluminum Siding Prices and Beauty

Aluminum siding won't break the bank. Aluminum siding prices are generally moderate, and offer homeowners an affordable way to get a smooth, uniform look to your home exterior without the risk of decay or frequent repaintings that come with wood siding.

Of all the styles of aluminum siding, the vinyl-finished variety offers the most consistent appearance and the strongest protection against mishaps like denting. Vinyl coated aluminum siding prices can be comparable to premium vinyl siding, but it may just be worth the few extra dollars for a reliable long-term solution to home exterior finishing. Vinyl-coated aluminum siding can come with a warranty of up to 35 years.

Most sources of aluminum siding offer it in either horizontal or vertical panels, for even more appearance options. Depending on your budget and climate conditions, this post-war classic of exterior design may be the right choice for you.

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