What's included in a vinyl siding contractor quote?

Without a doubt, vinyl siding offers lots of bang for your home improvement buck. In any region a vinyl siding contractor can show you how vinyl siding is very cost-effective long term compared to other siding materials. Vinyl siding can increase the value of your home. In a 2010-2011 survey, an average investment in vinyl siding realized a 72.4 percent return on investment at resale. When you add in freedom from refinishing, the value increases. Consulting with a licensed, bonded, insured vinyl contractor about your specific needs is important.

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Items in your vinyl siding contractor quote

  1. Your vinyl siding quote must include labor plus materials cost, including corners, trim, and soffits.
  2. Shipping costs should be shown separately.
  3. Request a written estimated time of completion from date of materials arrival.
  4. Ask for written warranty terms from both the siding contractor and the manufacturer.

Depending on what type of siding you choose, pricing can range from roughly $4 to $12 per square foot for professionally installed vinyl siding. The Cost vs. Value Survey estimates that a homeowner can expect to spend an average $11,357 to replace 1,250 square feet of existing siding with new vinyl siding, including trim.

Factors that impact vinyl siding quotes

  • Quality. Thinner vinyl is more prone to nicks, dents, and distortion. Premium styles (roughly .042" thick or more) lasts longer and costs more. Quotes should include style thickness.
  • Style. Traditional lap-style panels cost less than vinyl shakes, shingles, and logs.
  • Warranty. Thinner, less costly styles have lesser warranties. Thicker styles' rigidity helps increase the duration of warranties.

A good contractor specializing in vinyl siding can help you sort out your options and give you the best value for your money. You are in the driver's seat about what must be put in writing. Don't accept verbal promises.

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