What a Vinyl Siding Installation Quote Should Cover

You have decided that your home is ready for vinyl siding installation. You have done your homework and selected a reliable, qualified contractor. The next step is to find out what it will cost, and that requires a quote from the contractor. Whereas they prepare these quotes often, siding estimates may be new to you.

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Vinyl Siding Installation Estimates: The Components

To avoid surprises during the process, a quote for vinyl siding installation should cover the cost of everything involved in and pertinent to the job, including:

  • Manufacturer: This may be important if you have a preference.
  • Style: Vinyl siding is made to imitate wood lap siding, so you need to choose between pairs of 4" and 5" widths, called D4 and D5. Courses of triple 3" widths are also available, as are other styles like Dutch Lap, Log, Shingle, Board & Batten, and more. Other options involve different textures.
  • Vinyl Gauge: Standard thickness is .040" to .045." Premium siding is .055". The thicker the siding, the more durable it is.
  • Color: Because vinyl siding never has to be painted, you will live with it for a long time. So choose a color you like.
  • Warranty: The quote should spell out warranty terms on both the material and the installation.
  • Labor: This includes an estimate of how many installers will be required, for how long, and the total cost.
  • Materials: A breakdown and total cost of all the specific materials to be used should be detailed.

If you want any extras, like insulation, backer boards, energy wraps, rain gutters, shutters, or door surrounds, they, too, should be included in the quote.

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