Take Advantage of Vinyl Siding Prices

Vinyl Siding Prices are usually estimated on the price for 100 square feet of installed, new construction siding. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, a trade association within the industry, the overall cost in 2010 for 100 sq. ft. of installed new vinyl siding was $186.

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How the Cost of Installed Vinyl Siding Breaks Down

Vinyl siding prices are broken down in the following way to arrive at this figure:

  • Vinyl siding panels and materials: $92
  • Labor: $94
  • Total cost: $186

Vinyl Siding Prices Compared to the Cost of Other New Construction

The Vinyl Siding Institute estimates that other types of siding are more expensive for the homeowner to install. Fiber cement siding is the next least expensive siding with a price of $289 for a 100 square foot installation. Stone is the most expensive exterior material and costs an estimated $1,726 per 100 sq. ft.

Additional Cost Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Though the cost of a vinyl siding home improvement or new construction project is daunting, vinyl siding is the most inexpensive way to go. Vinyl saves money over the life of a home when compared to other sidings in three ways.

  • Durability. Quality vinyl siding usually comes with a warranty and reasonably lasts for decades.
  • Appearance. Vinyl siding maintains its attractiveness for many years. It doesn't rot or deteriorate.
  • Maintenance. With the exception of an occasional repair due to storm damage and a washing, vinyl siding requires very little maintenance. Other sidings may require painting, staining, caulking, and sealing on a regular basis.

Vinyl siding prices are very reasonable when compared with other types of exterior home siding. Vinyl is long lasting, stays attractive, and is virtually maintenance free. With all things considered, vinyl siding can be one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your home looking good and your largest financial investment well protected.

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