Vinyl Siding Contractor Prices Vary

Contractors doing business in the same locality may offer their services for significantly different costs. There are several reasons vinyl siding prices in Canada vary from one contractor to another.

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Chief Factors Influencing Vinyl Siding Prices in Canada

  • Insurance costs. Large and small, contracting companies in Canada are required to be insured to cover the costs of accidental property damage and injury. Companies employing Canadian workers are required to provide additional insurance benefits such as worker's compensation. These "costs of doing business" drive the price of the contractor's work up and are passed along to you.
  • Canadian Construction Regulations. Zoning, safety, and related construction regulations tend to drive up vinyl siding prices. In Canada, regulations may require a contractor to follow such detailed practices as setting nails within a specified distance from each other or using scaffolding over ladders. A contractor unfamiliar with your homeowner's association rules may not have planned to accommodate the regulations.
  • Volume work. A contractor who has plenty of work to keep busy can sometimes charge less than a contractor who spends much of his time idle, as the busy contractor can potentially purchase materials in larger quantities. Conversely, a contractor with few clients may be highly motivated to discount his proposal.
  • Size of the company. Siding installers can be one-man outfits or have large crews. Insurance and other costs are spread out over several productive employees in large companies while the sole proprietor has to make enough to cover these costs himself.
  • Equipment expenses. Owned equipment is often cheaper to use than equipment being rented or purchased on credit.
  • Travel. Local installers can also benefit from lower fuel costs, familiarity with suppliers and labor, and also knowledge of local codes.
  • Profit margin. Some contractors operate under higher profit margins than others. A contractor who can cover his costs and be happy charging you $20.00 an hour will ultimately cost less than the contractor who needs to cover the same business expenses but wants to take home $40.00 an hour.

The next time you compare the bottom line quotes given you by contractors and question the different prices, remember that each contractor arrives at his cost based on several factors unique to himself.

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