Vinyl Siding Installation: Why Three Bids Are Better Than One

When gathering prices for your vinyl siding installation project, you might be tempted to call the guy your friend used and be done with it. That may be the easiest thing to do, but it might not be the best way to get the job done right, and at the right price. The Better Business Bureau recommends that you get three bids for all of your home improvement projects, and siding installation is no exception.

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Vinyl Siding Installation Cost Drivers

When comparing bids for your project, focus on the factors than can significantly affect the estimated costs:

  1. Building Specifications. Did the contractors measure the same square footage? Do they demonstrate in their bids that they understand the specifics of the installation job? The scope of work needs to be the same in all 3 bids.
  2. Quality of Materials. Make sure that the bidding contractors have quoted the same siding materials and similar amounts. If there are zoning regulations or neighborhood covenants that dictate which type of siding materials can be used on your house, make sure that all the contractors know about them, as this information may affect their total bid amount.
  3. Labor and Time. This might be the biggest factor in determining which bid to accept, because a project's labor cost is often the largest portion of the cost estimate. Consider how much time the contractor claims to need to complete the job. If one contractor offers to complete your vinyl siding installation in one-third the time that the other two predict, find out how many workers will be employed.

After you have compared the three bids, call references and take a look at past work completed in your area. Lastly, trust your gut. Continue your contractor search until you feel confident that you have located one who will be easy to work with. Vinyl siding installation can be a seamless process if you start by siding with caution.

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