Vinyl Siding Installation: Have Your Contractor Provide the Material

If you are going to be hiring a contractor for your vinyl siding installation project, then it is probably best to let them supply all the needed materials for the job. Even if you think that you may be able to save some money by purchasing the vinyl siding yourself, reconsider.

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Vinyl Siding Installation: The Perils of You Purchasing the Materials

If you bought the vinyl siding on your own, you could encounter some unforeseen, and unpleasant, problems down the road, like these:

  • No warranty: Your contractor could refuse to warranty his vinyl siding installation work because he did not supply the materials used. Likewise, the vinyl siding manufacturer may not warranty its product because it did not do the installation. In either of these scenarios, who is responsible for any siding issues that arise once the job is finished?
  • No transport: You may find a deal on some vinyl siding at a building supply warehouse, but you are then stuck with the problem of getting it to the job site. Siding installers usually have long flatbed trailers to move materials and the manpower to lift and carry them.

Even if you do not purchase the vinyl siding yourself, you still may be able to get a lower rate on it. Some siding installers get a discount when purchasing vinyl siding, which they then could pass on to you. Ask your contractor if he has a preferred brand of siding and, if so, if there is a financial incentive to you for choosing that brand.



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