Understanding Vinyl Siding: Installation Cost Mary Vary By Contractor

How much should vinyl siding installation cost? There are a number of reasons why costs vary between different siding contractors.

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It's important to get installation quotes from three and preferably five different siding contractors. Most likely, you are going to see prices differ by several thousand dollars from the high to the low quote. But since contractors derive their quotes differently, it is not uncommon to see wide variances in your quoted vinyl siding installation cost.

How to Understand Quotes

Many contractors compute their quotes on a price per square (10 foot by 10 foot)--typically between $250 and $300. Costs can change if one contractor is quoting for a higher grade of vinyl siding. If one contractor's bid is $6,000 and another's is $5,000, make sure they are using the same grade of siding--there is a higher cost for higher-grade products. Thicker siding with professional installation can cost between $400 to $600 a square. Siding grades typically run from .040 to .050 inches thick, and the thicker siding better withstands time and the elements. For vinyl siding installation, cost of labor will typically run in the $100-200 range per square.

Other Reasons Why Vinyl Siding Installation Prices Differ Between Contractor Bids

If your home needs new fascia, trim, and soffits, as well as a vapor barrier, these add-ons can significantly change the price of a bid, because installation difficulty (and costs) are significantly higher for trim. Make sure all your quotes contain roughly the same amount of work and materials.

The removal and disposal of old siding on your home are other areas that can change the price of a contractor's bid. This is an area where a contractor could pad in additional profit, since it is hard to estimate exactly how much refuse is going to be generated, and how long it is going to take to remove the old siding.

Lastly, quotes can vary depending on how busy the contractor is at the time. A contractor who has been out of work might place a lower bid in hopes of getting the job.

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