Vinyl Siding Installation: Common Sense Negotiating with Contractors

Vinyl siding installation costs vary from contractor to contractor as well as from one region to another. Knowing how to negotiate with contractors in an intelligent way can save you a considerable amount of money on your installation costs.

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Understand the Driving Cost Factors in Vinyl Siding Installation

A successful negotiation begins with an understanding of the reasons why contractors charge what they do. Installers have to take into account several market factors, including the following:

  • Vinyl siding availability
  • Labor costs
  • Insurance
  • Demand for services
  • Amount of work available

The Fine Art of Negotiating

Negotiating requires give and take. Asking a contractor to lower the estimate given for your project means you'll have to be willing to compromise your own expectations. Competition is keen among contractors so be assured that he wants your business and is willing to discuss your concerns.

Your strength lies in knowing where the contractor can be flexible.

Consider asking for favorable pricing on the siding. Many contractors mark up the siding after obtaining a contractor's discount at the home improvement store. Will he allow you to share in his discount?

Another negotiable factor is the profit margin. Some contractors determine a project's overall cost by including a profit margin of 40 to 50 percent. Are they willing to work on a smaller percentage?

Negotiate respectfully, honestly, and realistically. By negotiating with contractors in this way you can get your vinyl siding installation completed at a price that satisfies you both.













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