Vinyl Siding Installation: Avoid the Cheapest Contractor

If you're in the midst of building a new home or a remodel and you choose vinyl siding, congratulations. You've chosen an affordable, quality product that looks and performs great. If you're at the juncture of deciding on a contractor to install it, why go cheap? You already have a great product and have saved a bundle.

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Vinyl Siding Installation: Why Pay a Competitive Rate

Use the money you saved on the product to pay a contractor who you feel is the most competent for the job. Sure, you will pay more, but that extra money ensures that your vinyl siding will be installed properly and well. If you go with the cheapest contractor you can find, you will likely have low-paid workers with little or no experience working on your home and possibly doing a subpar installation.

It is a recipe for losing money on both ends. You could wind up having to pay for a second contractor to come out and fix the first one's shoddy work. Or you could end up paying for additional vinyl siding if the workers damage or incorrectly cut it.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGCA) warns against using the cheapest bidder on all construction projects. Oftentimes, a contractor comes in low because they do not carry all the required insurance. They get away with it because their contracts include an exemption that requires you to pay for insurance if you demand they have it.

Eliminate these worries by choosing a contractor whose rates are competitive, rather than the lowest, for your vinyl siding installation project.

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