Why A Vinyl Siding Cost Estimate Can Vary By Installer

When purchasing vinyl siding for your home's exterior, you may discover that vinyl siding cost estimates are wide ranging depending on the brand and quality of siding you choose. Despite this cost range however, vinyl siding prices don't fluctuate throughout the year, unlike some wood siding whose prices can fluctuate with the seasonal timber market.

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One reason for the stability of vinyl siding prices is that vinyl siding is manufactured on a large scale with widely available PVC resins and polymers, which are used to make windows, doors, trim, and a variety of other construction materials and consumer items. A stable pricing structure for a building material is helpful because it allows contractors and installers to prepare work estimates based on a known material cost. It helps the consumer as well, because they can rely on pricing estimates that are sometimes gathered months before the construction materials are actually purchased and installed.

Considerations When Getting a Vinyl Siding Cost Estimate

  • In addition to calculating the total square feet of siding you need to cover your home, you must also determine how many lineal feet of trim you need for the corners and around all the windows and doors.
  • Consider the type of home that you have so that you can choose the appropriate style of vinyl siding. While traditional clapboard siding always looks nice, there is everything from vinyl shakes and shingles to simulated log and cedar siding available.
  • If you are going to install the siding yourself, make sure you have the necessary skills and tools to do a proper job. When vinyl siding is installed incorrectly, most companies do not warranty the product and it can be costly to fix the problem afterward.

In general, expect to pay between $300 and $600 per square of siding installed, which is equal to 100 square feet of wall coverage. Of course, the additional need for insulated board, trim, and corner pieces, as well as other installation materials, may affect the overall cost of your project.

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