Vinyl siding contractor? There is room for some DIY

As a rule, labor makes up at least 50 percent the cost of installing vinyl siding. In a $10,000 job, the vinyl siding contractor may get at least $5,000. Wouldn't it be great if you could contribute some of your own labor to reduce that cost.

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Here is a look at the cost of vinyl-siding materials and some ways you can reduce the labor expenses.

Vinyl siding contractor costs

Whether you choose to do the entire project yourself, or have a contractor do it all, there are set expenses. Here is possible cost breakdown for basic package on a 2,200-square-foot home. Of course, costs will vary depending on where you live and the grade of siding you choose.

  • Vinyl siding: 2200 square feet X $1.00 = $2200
  • 1/4" insulation foam: 2200 square feet X $32.00 = $704
  • Building permit: $150.00
  • Garbage disposal: $175.00
  • J-channels: 55 pieces at $3.67 each = $201.85
  • Starter strips: 15 pieces at $2.87 each = $43.05
  • Inside corner: 8 pieces at $5.67 each = $45.36
  • Outside corner: 2 pieces at $11.51 each = $23.02
  • Finish strips: 6 pieces at $3.35 each = $20.10
  • Outlets/hydrants/vents: These are used for light fixtures, plug-in outlets, hydrant faucets, and to replace gable vents = $225.00 total
  • Shutters: 10 pieces at $42.00 each = $420
  • Nails for the siding: $35.00
  • Delivery charge (if applicable): $37.75
  • TOTAL: $4,280.13, plus any applicable taxes.

Figure that the contractor will get an additional $5,000 or so.

Bargain with the vinyl siding contractor

So where can you save?

Consider doing the deconstruction--tearing off the old siding. Or maybe the contractor can get the project started, so that everything is lined up properly, and you continue with the relatively simple task cutting and nailing the siding. Or maybe you have the contractor hang the siding, but you finish the trim by yourself.

By involving the contractor in some of your work, you possibly can get the benefit of his contractor's discount on supplies, though sometimes a supplier will give a DIYer a contractor's price on material.

To get a better understanding of the project, Popular Mechanics and other Web sites have step-by-step instructions for installating vinyl siding. Take a look. You might even find you want to DIY the entire job!


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