Vinyl siding contractor: Best time of year for siding installation

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for having siding installed; often it's springtime when the plans begin, and by the time homeowners have called contractors, obtained references and estimates, and scheduled the job, it's summer.

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Summer, therefore, is when a vinyl siding contractor is likely to be overwhelmed and overbooked. This means be prepared for inconvenient scheduling, less-flexible pricing and project delays.

Winter means cool savings from your vinyl siding contractor

That leads to a couple of reasons that winter can be the best time to call a siding contractor: less competition and prompt delivery. Many contractors offer discounted pricing during the slow season. In addition, you're a lot less likely to experience annoying delays in the winter caused by the contractor's busy schedule.

Rain, not cold, the biggest weather-related problem associated with siding installation, so if you live in an area with heavy rain in spring and summer, you might actually have more delays in the warm weather than you would have in winter. Add that to the fact that your contractor may be over-scheduled in spring and summer, and you could end up having some heated discussions with your contractor during the warm seasons.

Save money and avoid aggravation by installing siding in the winter. When you're sitting snug by your fire, new vinyl siding is probably the last thing on your mind. But with a bit of proper planning and motivation, you could end up making a very smart home-improvement decision.

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