Vinyl Shake Siding: Cost and Maintenance Benefits

Thousands of homes throughout New England are clad in cedar shakes. And, since many of these homes are quite old, chances are, the siding is in various stages of disrepair.

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Replacing real wood siding is extremely expensive, but many vinyl siding styles imitate these time-tested, popular architectural styles. One product that is gaining in popularity vinyl shake siding. Cost and quality of this product make it attractive for homeowners with smaller remodeling budgets.

Vinyl Shake Siding Cost

Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of styles that match up well to existing architectural styles.

Compared to wood, vinyl siding:

  • Does a better job withstanding the brutal weather conditions for which New England is famous
  • Is much more affordable
  • Provides a higher degree of energy efficiency

Vinyl shake siding cost for styles that imitate hand-split cedar, approach $300 for one square, which can cover 100 square feet of wall space--and that's without accessories such as J-channel and trim. J-channel is used to secure the ends of the siding where it meets a corner or window. More decorative vinyl shake siding costs in excess of $300 per square.

Other siding types, such as a simple Dutch lap and standard clapboard styles, cost about half as much per square. But, make sure the siding you want is a thicker grade. Premium siding costs much more than thinner vinyl siding, but it's worth the extra expense.

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