Vinyl Log Siding - Prices and Beauty!

If you are considering log siding on your home, then you should know that there are now maintenance-free vinyl siding products available which simulate this traditional style. You can enjoy the aesthetics of log siding, with the advantage of lower vinyl log siding prices. Also, because vinyl siding does not require sanding or refinishing of any kind, it tends to have a lower lifetime cost.

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Vinyl Log Siding Prices

A company called Timbermill has a vinyl log siding product that comes with a limited lifetime warranty and sells for about $440 per square--the equivalent of 100 square feet of wall coverage. Unlike real log siding, the company claims that their product is impervious to wood boring insects and has a patented color protection finish which never needs painting, staining or sealing.

Worth noting - Timbermill also manufactures a vinyl clapboard siding that has the grain pattern and texture of real cedar, but just like their log cabin siding-it's maintenance free! Timbermill distributors sell this siding for about $400 per square, which is more expensive than most other brands of vinyl clapboard.

Vinyl Log Siding Prices: You Get What You Pay for

Economical grades of vinyl log siding are usually made from lesser quality PVC resins and may not be as durable as premium grades of siding. More expensive grades will be made of thicker vinyl, incorporate more realistic patterns, and may include insulated foam backing. When you are comparing the prices of different brands of vinyl siding, make sure to thoroughly read the material specifications and installation instructions.

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