Vinyl log siding: Costs versus quality and style

Researching vinyl logs? If you live in California's Sierras, in a Vermont ski town, or even a woodsy urban area, vinyl logs have a traditional, relaxing, all-American look. Then there's style - do you go with a vinyl log front facade, or wrap the whole home?

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Grades, styles, and costs of vinyl log siding

Log siding simply feels organic in places like a lake in the Ozarks or the foothills of Mount Rainier. Assuming you don't want the initial cost and ongoing expenses of refinishing, termites, and dry rot that are inherent in real logs, vinyl logs are an obvious choice. Consider these factors:

  1. Cost: While the industry average for installed lap-style vinyl siding averages about $5.50 per square foot, vinyl logs will be a multiple of that. Labor isn't much more, but the materials are definitely more costly. Call a manufacturer or distributor for rough prices on vinyl logs. They're many thousands cheaper than real logs!
  2. Quality. There are five quality grades in vinyl siding, from .040" thick to .050". Look for American Society of Testing and Materials certification (ASTM) Standard 3679. Vinyl log's curved exterior is usually a thicker grade to create rigidity and impact resistance. Rigid foam insulation in the curved cavity adds strength.
  3. Style. For architectural interest and to save money, combine vinyl log siding with vinyl bricks or stone, or with vinyl shakes or shingles.
  4. Insulation: Insulated vinyl logs reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Get estimates from certified and licensed vinyl siding contractors. Get three bids to ensure you're getting the best price. Ask for customer references and visit the homes. It may take a bit of research and work up front, but vinyl log siding adds pleasure and real value to your home.



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