Wood vs. Vinyl Cedar Shake: Prices Matter!

The difference in what you'll spend on vinyl cedar shake siding and clapboard siding can be negligible or substantial depending on where you live, market conditions, and the day-to-day changes in the cost of wood. At times vinyl cedar shake prices are lower than the cost of clapboard and sometimes the opposite is true. The best deal for your money can change from one trip to the home improvement store to the next.

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The Basics on Vinyl Cedar Shake Prices and the Cost of Clapboard

According to industry cost analyses, homeowners can reasonably expect to pay no more than $7 per square foot (psf) for vinyl cedar shake installed. This can be compared to the average cost of $5 per sq. ft. for all styles of vinyl siding. The cost for installed vinyl cedar shake siding on a 3,000 square foot house can cost right around $22,000.

The cost for wood cedar shake exterior walls may be from $18,000 to $25,000 on the same size home, according to Costhelper. Spruce, fir, or yellow pine clapboard pricing is lower.

Vinyl Siding Prices: The Variables

Clapboard and vinyl siding prices sometimes vary considerably and depend on several factors:

  • Local availability of materials
  • Significant variations in demand for each product
  • Recent storm damage
  • New construction in the area
  • Median annual contractor earnings in geographical areas

Wholesale wood costs, and consequently clapboard, fluctuate wildly from one week to the next and from region to region.

Hidden Costs affect Clapboard and Vinyl Cedar Shake Prices

Take into account the hidden costs for vinyl and clapboard installation. These include:

  • Contractor costs
  • Required tools
  • Trim, fascia, and other siding components
  • Weatherization and sealers
  • Sales tax

Additional factors come into play as well. Both vinyl and wood are subject to environmental conditions and require a wise choice on the part of the homeowner. Installing the inexpensive siding but having to soon replace it may cost more in the long run.

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