The Cost of Vinyl Siding Installation

Installing vinyl siding on your home has many advantages. Like any home improvement project, however, there are costs involved. Only you can determine if the benefits of vinyl siding outweigh the costs.

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Consider the length of time you plan to be in your home, the cost and frequency of exterior painting, and the increase in resale value and curb appeal that can come with vinyl siding installation. If you choose insulated vinyl siding, you can also factor in your savings on energy bills.

Here are some things to consider when determining the costs and benefits of vinyl siding installation:

  • Home size - more material is required for larger homes, which drives up costs. Two-story homes can have higher labor costs as well.
  • Quality - vinyl siding comes in varying grades, from .040" thickness to .055". Higher quality means higher prices, but at increased durability.
  • Style - standard vinyl siding that mimics wood siding is less expensive than more elaborate styles.
  • Insulation - insulated vinyl siding is more expensive, but saves on energy costs.
  • Extras - trim, shutters, door surrounds, etc.

If you are installing vinyl siding yourself, you can shop home improvement stores and manufacturers' internet sites for material costs. If you're having a contractor do the installation, get quotes from at least three reputable contractors and make sure you are comparing apples to apples in the quotes. Then, compare the cost of vinyl siding installation with the costs of exterior painting and maintenance, and make your final decision.




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