Styling with log vinyl siding

With so many improvements in the past several years in quality, look, durability and wind resistance, is it any wonder that premium vinyl sidings, such as log vinyl siding, have grown tremendously in popularity? According to the U.S. Census 2009 Report on Characteristics of New Housing, the trend in favor of vinyl siding has increased consistently over the last four years. In fact, vinyl siding now is No. 1 in the country, thanks to 34 percent of new homeowners making it their choice for exterior cladding.

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Vinyl log siding vs. traditional siding

Log vinyl siding can provide the warm rustic look of natural wood, with significant savings on both installation and long-term maintenance. According to the CalFinder remodeling website, wooden log siding runs $3 to $8 per linear foot. When converted, that cost grows to $7 to $18 per square foot, more than twice the price of premium vinyl siding. If you're considering actual log siding, take into account wood finishing costs. Some lumber mills coat the logs with a stain or sealant, but most ship log siding unfinished. Also consider transportation costs because the expense of sending 400 to 500 linear feet of lumber a significant distance isn't minimal.

Log vinyl siding holds these key advantages over real log siding:

  1. It's resistant to damage from mold or moisture
  2. It's insect proof
  3. It never needs repainting or re-staining

Siding options

The product's panels are molded to imitate traditional log siding, which generally is sold in half-log or quarter-log shapes, and are milled from pine, fir or cedar. The available color palette includes both the natural shades of those woods and the many variations that result from application of clear or semi-transparent stains. Also for sale is a premium-grade quality product with molded foam insulation, which adds energy cost savings, increases the R-value of your walls and ultimately boosts your home's resale price.

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