Style Stack-up: How Styles Affect Vinyl Siding Costs

Tired of the usual humdrum lap-style vinyl siding? There is a more stylish way. Vinyl siding offers a plethora of styles, from basic boards to vinyl brick siding. The trick is to find a vinyl siding style that's easy on the eyes and the pocketbook.

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Style Savvy: Comparing Vinyl Siding Costs

The style of vinyl siding you choose can have a tremendous impact on the final look of your home. Unfortunately, it can also impact cost in a big way. Siding that is more complicated to manufacture or install costs more. That means covering your home with vinyl siding shakes will cost you more than large sheets of board-style vinyl siding while vinyl cedar siding will cost more than board and batten vinyl siding.

Tips for Controlling Vinyl Siding Cost, Whatever the Style

Have your heart set on a more expensive style, but aren't sure you can afford it? Depending on how much time and effort you're willing to put into siding and maintaining your home exterior, the following tips may help:

  1. Roll up your sleeves. Choosing a product that isn't factory primed and painted will cost you less up front, but remember you'll have to invest more time and money maintaining you home later on.
  2. Install your own siding (but only if you know what you're doing). Installing vinyl siding yourself can save you money, but poorly-installed siding can cost you more in maintenance and repairs later.
  3. Mix things up! Maybe you can't afford to shingle your entire home, but selectively detailing a few key areas of your home with shingles and siding the rest with a less expensive product can cut costs and accentuate architectural features.

Whatever style you choose, shop around for the best deals. Request at least 3 quotes from siding contractors near you.



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