Soffits Give Your Home a Finished Look

Adding detail pieces to your vinyl siding project will complete the look of your home. One of the detail pieces to be concerned about is called a soffit, which is the exposed underside of any overhanging portion of your home, such as the eaves of your roof.

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A vinyl siding contractor may or may not include detail pieces when estimating the cost of your project. Obviously, the number of detail pieces either included or not included affects the bid. While detail pieces can significantly increase the cost of your project, without them, your project can look half done.

Vinyl Siding Installation Estimates: With and Without Soffits

The following gives you a ballpark idea on what a vinyl siding project might cost with and without soffits. The rough estimates below are for a 2,000-square-foot project done by a licensed, professional contractor. Actual project costs vary greatly depending on the type of vinyl siding you choose and the details you include.

For vinyl siding, a building permit, old siding removal and disposal, installation pieces (for example, starter and finish strips), shutters, nails, covers for light fixtures and plugs, and labor, the total project cost is about $12,300. For the same project but with the addition of finishing the underside of the roof's eaves, a rough estimate is $16,000. Any additional details, such as fascia or window wrapping, would be extra.

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