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As you shop for vinyl siding you can rest assured that even the most basic style is made from a quality product that will last years and years. If you want a little more style and a little more flair, count on paying more.

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You Get What You Pay For

Vinyl siding is like any element you price when fixing up your house. A beautiful slate roof will cost more than composite; wood windows with true divided light will hit your wallet harder than vinyl windows with snap on grids. It's no surprise that buying vinyl siding that looks like cedar shake and comes in forest green will cost more than a low-profile, white clapboard style.

Premium Design Vinyl Siding for Premium Looks

Vinyl siding has been developed to replicate some of the most ornate shingles and woodwork used in classic Victorian or Craftsman homes. If you shop for vinyl siding versions of these products, you likely find a product with longer life and that protects your home. Consumer Reports states that the estimated life of vinyl is a minimum of twenty-five years, whereas wood shingles or clapboard's minimum is ten years. Then, consider maintenance. Vinyl siding never needs painting and rarely needs replacing.

Trimming Your Home With Style

Now picture a combination of vinyl siding that looks like cedar shake and half round shingles. Fascia trim, beautiful finished soffits, custom corners, framed windows and gables, exterior crown molding--these are just a few of the additional design elements you can order to accompany your vinyl siding

Rest assured, as you shop for vinyl siding, you'll not only be making an investment to protect your home from the elements and but also beautifying it.

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