Save money with log vinyl siding vs. wood

Homeowners who want to create a rustic style for the exterior of their home have several options. The look of a traditional American log cabin can be reproduced with either natural wood log siding or the modern version--log vinyl siding. While both options are attractive, when the costs and benefits are compared, log vinyl siding comes out as the most cost-efficient choice over time.

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The initial cost for wood log siding ranges from about $1.25 per foot for 2-by-6 quarter-log tongue-and-groove pine siding up to about $3.85 per foot for 3-by-8 half-log tongue-and-groove cedar siding. Although vinyl log siding costs can vary according to the manufacturer and siding grade, in most cases vinyl siding costs will be either less expensive or directly comparable to the costs of wood siding.

Long-term benefits of log vinyl siding

The real cost savings of vinyl log siding over natural wood log siding come into play over the life of the siding. Vinyl log siding is a manmade product made from polyvinyl chloride that is molded into planks that closely resemble natural wood siding. The vinyl log siding planks are backed with insulating foam to help them hold their shape and reduce energy costs. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding does not need to be stained or painted, will not rot, and is resistant to burrowing insects such as termites and carpenter ants. These lower maintenance requirements reduce the amount of money and time that need to be spent on routine upkeep and repairs.

When you add in the lower maintenance costs of vinyl log siding over the life of your home you can understand the significant cost savings vinyl siding offers over natural wood.

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