Rustic without the cost: Vinyl log siding

Vinyl siding has come a long, long way from the cheap and unattractive products of yesteryear in terms of looks, insulation, and protection from the elements. The cost of vinyl log siding is also considerably less than the cost of real wood log siding. prices vinyl siding from $1/sq ft DIY to $2-$7/sq ft installed; another vinyl siding site shows $3-$7/ sq ft not including installation; and 2009 Vinyl Siding Institute data show the average new construction cost at $92/square (100 sq ft) for materials and $90/square for labor. Because costs can vary, do some online research before diving in.

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Vinyl log siding: Rustic look at a reasonable cost

If you're looking to price vinyl log siding, you need to be aware that the cheapest option is not always the best one. Compare the overall value to the cost. Often, paying a little more upfront can extend the life of your siding significantly. Because DIY for vinyl log siding installation is not easy (even if you have all of the specialty tools) and can also void your siding warranty, hiring a contractor may be the wise move.

Here's a quick recap:

  1. Educate yourself with online research.
  2. Discuss your options with 3 or 4 contractors to decide the best vinyl log siding plan for your home.
  3. Obtain 3 or 4 contractor quotes, making sure that they all include the same services and options.

A little preliminary research can help you ask the right questions, make sound choices and knowledgeably evaluate contractor quotes for your vinyl log siding home improvement project.





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