How to Research Vinyl Siding Prices

New construction and remodeling costs are high and comparison shopping for the best prices is always wise. Significant savings are available for those willing to do the necessary footwork to find the best deal.

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Researching vinyl siding prices includes more than just a dollar amount. Higher prices that provide you with durable, attractive siding and a warranty may be more economic over the long run than more inexpensive siding. The balance between quality and cost is important.

There are several sources of information for the cost of vinyl siding worth checking.

  • Online vinyl siding prices. Letting your fingers do the walking is no longer the sole domain of the Yellow Pages. The Internet is loaded with companies, some better than others, that market vinyl siding. Search for "vinyl siding prices" on nearly any search engine to receive numerous listings of vinyl siding retailers. Adding the cost of shipping raises the total cost of the siding but avoiding the sales tax might still make online shopping your best choice.
  • Call local outlets. The vast majority of vinyl siding is sold through retail stores or via the contractors installing it. Comparison shopping for pricing can be done right on the phone.
  • On site inspection. Physically researching vinyl siding costs the old-fashioned way lets you get a feel for the quality of the siding and balance it with the price tag.
  • Contractors. Get estimates from installation experts for the cost of the entire siding project. Most will come to your home and give you a written estimate.
  • Home improvement events. Sales pricing is sometimes offered at fairs and shows. Keep your eyes open for booths set up by local retailers and contractors.

Research the cost of vinyl siding through several sources before you buy. A little homework can leave your money in your wallet where it belongs.

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