Vinyl siding in New Jersey: your all-weather choice

Mother Nature dishes up every weather phenomenon in her arsenal for The Garden State--rain, sleet, hail, snow, sunshine, and occasional wallops by tropical storms or hurricanes. Humidity is high, too. From coastal plains to the northwestern highlands New Jersey offers few refuges for weather wimps!

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No home cladding is indestructible, but some fare better than others in harsh conditions. Many homes in New Jersey have masonry, clapboard, or a combination of the two for their exterior cladding. For non-masonry walls, tilt the balance in your favor with waterproof, insulated, impact-resistant, vinyl siding that never needs painting. In hurricane-prone Florida, Miami-Dade County has rated a number of vinyl cladding materials for impact resistance, and their experience can help you select products. Upgrading to today's high-tech vinyl siding is as easy as locating qualified New Jersey siding contractors.

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A trip to a home improvement store can educate you about how advanced today's vinyl siding is compared to 40 years ago--non-fade colors of every shade; decades-long warranties; and quick, inexpensive installation. After your education, here's how to find a qualified contractor:

  1. Vinyl Siding Source: Complete the simple form on this website to locate a qualified contractor in your area.
  2. Supplier referral: While you're visiting the siding department of the building supply company, ask for recommendations of contractors they use on a regular basis. Then do your own sleuthing.
  3. Licenses: New Jersey's Attorney General's Division of Consumer Affairs, offers excellent guidelines about hiring a home improvement contractor, and a phone number to call to research complaints against contractors you're thinking of using. They recommend checking a contractor's professional affiliations, which can include those mentioned next.
  4. Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI:) Check the recommended contractor names against the online names of tradesmen for each state who have passed the training and/or tests for VSI certification. Many companies are also certified, but a certified installer could be working for an non-certified company. Insist on that particular installer.
  5. Better Business Bureau (BBB:) Remember your report card days? The BBB lists New Jersey vinyl siding contractors, grading them A through F on a long list of criteria. They comment on reasons for the grade. Choosing contractors who have earned high marks provides extra assurance.

When seeking bids, look for contractors who have done work for family, friends and neighbors. You want only those who consistently demonstrate good work. Pay attention to how timely bidders are with returning phone calls and estimates, and how well you communicate with them. You'll live with their work for decades, so you owe it to yourself to seek out the best.

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