Price of Vinyl Siding by Grade

When comparing the price of vinyl siding, you'll find most manufacturers offer vinyl siding in three grades--economy, standard, and premium.

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Your first instinct may be to purchase the least expensive grade. But, before you grab your wallet, consider two things:

  • The initial cost for each grade of siding
  • How the original expense may be offset by long-term savings

Here's a look at common vinyl siding grades:

  • Economy Grade Vinyl Siding: This is the thinnest and least expensive option, but it's more likely than higher grade products to warp or sag, especially if incorrectly installed. Economy grade vinyl siding may not be as wind resistant as other options. So, severe wind conditions may damage the material.

If any of these potential problems occur, you may need to repair or replace the siding. This added expense can offset the initial low price of vinyl siding for economy grades.

  • Standard Grade Vinyl Siding: This grade is thicker then economy grade vinyl siding and less likely to buckle or sag. Standard grade vinyl siding is also less likely to be damaged by high winds. More colors and styles are available in this grade.

It's moderate price tag, but dependable performance makes standard grade vinyl siding a good choice for long-term savings.

  • Premium Grade Vinyl Siding: This is the thickest option available, which means very little ambient noise and thermal energy enter your home. Some companies offer insulated vinyl siding, which reduces noise and heat transfer even more. The higher price of vinyl siding for premium grades, may be worth the investment since the product can lower your home's energy bills.

Each vinyl siding grade comes with its own set of pros and cons. Carefully weigh your options before tackling your vinyl siding project.

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