New Vinyl Siding Installation Over the Old Material Saves Money

If you are looking for ways to save money on your new vinyl siding installation project, then consider leaving your home's old siding in place and installing the new product directly over it. You avoid having to pay someone to remove all of your home's existing siding and haul it to the local landfill, which can be expensive.

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Vinyl Siding Installation: Other Reasons to Keep the Old

Here are additional advantages to leaving your old siding in place:

  • Extra protection: If your home's siding is in decent shape, then it is probably doing its job by keeping water from finding its way into your house. This existing weatherproof barrier adds an extra layer of protection underneath your new vinyl siding.
  • Durable surface: If your home's existing siding is wood, then it can act as a durable mounting surface for your new vinyl siding as some siding panels may be flimsy. A flat, wood foundation can also help protect the new siding from everyday wear and tear.

If you plan on leaving your home's existing siding in place, be aware of this one downside. The thickness of the underlying siding can cause your new vinyl siding to protrude beyond your home's existing trim. While installing new vinyl trim pieces can solve this issue, your home's existing windows could still appear to be set further back than before, significantly altering your home's architectural aesthetic.

Before beginning your vinyl siding installation project, discuss with your siding installer any ramifications of leaving your home's existing siding in place.

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