Negotiating win-win bids with vinyl log siding contractors

When you haggle, you fight to get the lowest possible price you can for goods or services. But negotiation is not haggling. Effective negotiation finds a price-point comfortable for both parties and results in a shared sense of victory. To find a fair compromise with your contractor, include the following points:

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Conditions that influence a vinyl log siding estimate

Walk with your contractor around your home, and ask how the job measures up. Your house may present a straight forward vinyl log siding job. Or you may have areas obvious to an experienced contractor's eye that require special attention. If you know the intricacies of the evaluation, you will better understand a contractor's figures. Inquire specifically about the impact of these areas:

  • Soffits
  • Existing trim around windows and doors
  • Condition of existing siding

Ask for a detailed bid

In order to discuss the contractor's total beyond the original bid, you will need the details of the estimate. Then ask about each of these areas and where you could find some potential for lowering costs. You may wish them to bid on two potential styles or manufacturers. Together, you can locate additional savings. Your contract should show figures for the following items:

  1. Manufacturer(s) and style(s) and color(s) chosen

  2. Corner capping (included or not)

  3. Soffit covers and other trim

  4. Insulation sheeting (included or not)

  5. Repair of problem areas

  6. Removal and disposal of existing siding, if this is needed

Assume cooperation

Throughout the negotiation process, maintain a cooperative attitude. Keep your tone friendly, and avoid an oppositional stance. You and your contractor are collaborating to improve your home, and you want the siding job to be a positive experience for both of you. Every time you look at your vinyl log siding, you will be looking at the results of this relationship.


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