Negotiating a Vinyl Siding Job

Installing vinyl siding can be a major home improvement project and wise homeowners often carefully research the best material, cost, and installation options before commissioning the work or lifting their own hammers. Take time to meet with several contractors and evaluate their offers - before negotiating a vinyl siding job.

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Vinyl Siding Prices: Variables Impacting Cost

Vinyl siding can cost $7,000 or more per average-sized home, so it helps to understand what's involved in the work. Ask for details on:

  • Installation difficulty. Does existing material need to be removed, or can vinyl siding be placed over it? Can demolition be handled by the homeowner to save money?
  • Extra products required. Are fascia boards needed? Will framing around windows be necessary? All those "extras" can add several hundred dollars to the bill. Ask the contractor what is truly needed and what is a "nice to have" option.
  • Material costs. Is the product, color, and style you want in stock or must it be special ordered? Is the manufacturer offering any discounts on certain product lines?
  • Labor costs. Look for a contractor who has experienced workers. Check to be sure labor rates are in line with other proposals; if there is a variance, inquire about why rates are higher or lower than other proposals. It may be that highly-skilled laborers are worth some extra cost in order to obtain an impeccable installation.

Negotiating a vinyl siding job, can require more than one meeting. Ask each contractor to talk through the line items in their bids. Where can you cut without sacrificing quality? A good contractor can often help you find reasonable prices and quality without breaking the bank.

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