Negotiate your price with a vinyl siding contractor

Everyone likes getting the best deal they possibly can. When having vinyl siding installed on your home, getting estimates from at least three reputable contractors is a step in the right direction. Still, there may be a way to get that price even lower. If you do a little negotiating and make a few adjustments, you might have a good chance of reducing your siding costs.

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How to negotiate with a vinyl siding contractor

When a siding contractor estimates a project, he or she usually figures the amount of labor and materials the job should take and then adds in a little profit. Once you've decided on a contractor for your project, you may be able to negotiate your way to a lower price by making adjustments to the labor and material costs of the project. Try using the following suggestions to talk your vinyl siding contractor into adjusting their contract:

  • Materials--Find out if there are any choices similar to your siding selection that might be available for a lower price. The contractor's distributor may be hoping to reduce stock on a particular style or color and might offer a special deal.
  • Cleanup labor--Installing vinyl siding can be a messy job, and very few contractors enjoy cleaning up on a daily basis. The price might drop if you volunteer to handle the cleaning chores.
  • Scheduling--Your siding contractor might be planning to hire a crew to do your project or to work extra hours to fit the job into their schedule. If you're flexible with when your siding is installed, you may be able to get a better price by allowing the contractor to do the job in at his or her convenience.

These suggestions might help to lower your price a little, but remember, there's a limit as to how low your vinyl siding contractor can go.

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