Log vinyl siding: why prices vary among contractors

As a diligent homeowner, you will want to request several bids when you decide to side your house with log vinyl siding. Don't be surprised if the bids vary widely in price. Factors like the quality of the siding and the time of year can affect the amount of the bid.

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Six reasons for erratic bids on your log vinyl siding project

  1. Quality: Unless you specify exactly what grade of vinyl log siding you want, one contractor might bid a lower grade of siding and another a high grade.
  2. Included services: You need to specify what is included in the bid. For instance, does every bid include stripping off the old siding and disposing of it? Does the bid include total clean up when the installation is done?
  3. Reputation: This can work both ways. Sometimes a contractor has a great reputation for delivering a quality product at a good price and will give you a good bid. Other times, a well-regarded contractor might be swamped with work; he might offer a very high bid, because he doesn't really need the job.
  4. Lack of interest: You might get a high bid from a contractor who does most of his work as a sub-contractor for construction firms and doesn't want to work with the individual homeowner unless the price is right.
  5. Resume building: You might get a low bid from a new contractor who, while excellent, is just trying to get established. He might be trying to develop a resume of satisfied customers.
  6. Timing: Were all the bids taken at the same time of year? Contractors may bid lower in the winter, when work is low. Usually, contractors specify the length of time that a bid is valid.

When requesting bids, be very specific about what you want regarding the quality of the log vinyl siding, the extent of the contractor's job, and the schedule. This will help even out the bids and ensure that you select the best contractor for your project.

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