Log vinyl siding: premium siding choices with hefty price tags

Unlike standard styles of vinyl siding, there is not a low-cost option when purchasing log vinyl siding. Considered a speciality product, vinyl log siding is only available from a limited number of manufacturers and can cost more than double what some entry level siding styles cost. You can expect to pay between $320 and $410 per square for the most popular brands of vinyl log siding, which does not include the cost of the needed trim accessories or installation.

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The primary reason that vinyl log siding is more expensive than standard siding styles is that the siding panels are manufactured with a backing of rigid foam insulation, which helps the panels resist damage better than other horizontal panels that have a no such backing. Also, most vinyl log panels have textured surfaces. This adds to the authentic log look, but also increases manufacturing costs.

Log vinyl siding: Price by manufacturer

These brands of log vinyl siding are widely available and replicate the look of real wood logs:

  1. Montebello Log Siding costs about $325 per square and is available from Kaycan, a Canadian manufacturer that sells the product through U.S.-based distributors. The horizontal siding panels are 12 feet long and are installed with vertical J-channel trim pieces, which cost about $8 per piece. Corner trim pieces cost approximately $24 and are available in 10-foot lengths.
  2. Timbermill Log Siding costs between $380 and $410 per square and is widely available from distributors of vinyl siding products. You can expect to pay about $45 for corner trim pieces and around $16 for J-channel trim pieces.

Although this style of vinyl siding may cost more than standard horizontal lap siding, its unique look can transform an ordinary looking house into one full of character and charm. The best part about vinyl log panels is that you can enjoy a rustic look without having to deal with the yearly maintenance issues that traditional log siding requires.

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