How to Determine Insulated Vinyl Siding Prices

If you're at the point of installing new insulated vinyl siding, prices, quality and labor are key elements to setting a budget. Although most contractors are upfront regarding fees and costs, you may still run into some surprises. We'll walk you through typical costs and even some that may surprise you.

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Vinyl Siding Questions To Ask Your Contractor

What Vinyl Siding Grade is Used? Not all insulated vinyl siding is created equal. The higher the insulated vinyl siding grade, the more colors, styles, and options are available. However, the key driver for insulated vinyl siding prices still is the size of your home. A more expensive price per square can add quite a bit to your expenses if you are multiplying by .

Are Other Material Costs in Your Estimate? Make sure your estimates include the costs of J-channels, starter strips, inside and outside corners, finish strips, nails, and all the other bits and pieces needed to complete the siding job.

What are Your Labor/Installation Costs? When getting an estimate, try to get the labor or installation costs broken out separately. This makes it easier to compare prices from one estimate to the next.

Are Permit Fees Included? If your contractor is going to pull the permits, make sure permit fees are included in the estimate. If you pull the permits yourself, include those costs in your budget.

What Are the Transportation or Delivery Charges? These may appear as delivery fees, transportation charges, or fuel surcharges. Make sure any costs associated with bringing the material to your job site are included in the estimate.

Do You Charge Disposal Costs? Most jobs require dumpster rental for your old siding. Learn about dumpster rental and disposal fees. Ask for this as a separate line item in the estimate. This can add $1,000 to $3,000 to your quoted insulated vinyl siding prices.

Insulated vinyl siding is a visually-appealing, economical and green choice. Ask the right questions of your contractor before the project begins to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

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