How Does Fascia and Soffit Trim Affect Vinyl Siding Prices?

When it comes to estimating vinyl siding prices, the first consideration is usually the price of the vinyl boards, panels, shakes, or shingles that will be used to cover the bulk of your home. It's important not to overlook the details. Soffit and fascia trim both contribute to the final look of your home and your final siding cost.

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What Is a Soffit?

Soffit is an architectural term used to describe the underside of a building element. When it comes to vinyl home cladding, soffit refers to the flat surfaces under protruding features, including your roof's overhang or your porch's ceiling. Like vinyl siding, vinyl soffits come in a variety of colors.

Vinyl soffit prices vary, but you can expect to pay about $7 per square foot for soffit. As with premium vinyl siding, the thicker the soffit panel is, the more expensive it likely is.

All About Fascia Trim

Fascia trim refers to the typically horizontal strips that trim your home, similar to a molding. Fascia can be both decorative and/or functional. For instance, your home's rain gutters are likely mounted to fascia. Note that fascia trim is available in a number of widths, though most products are between 3" and 12". Prices vary, but you can expect to pay around $3 per square foot for fascia trim. As with soffits, you can expect to pay more for thicker, premium products. Fascia is available in a variety of colors.

Save with Vinyl Soffit and Fascia

A home does not have to be clad in vinyl to use vinyl soffits. In fact, choosing vinyl soffits over aluminum products can save you a lot of money, even if the rest of your home is clad in much more expensive material.


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