How to Understand a Vinyl Siding Installation Quote

When it's time to replace or repair your vinyl siding, you might be stepping into unfamiliar territory. A contractor will come to your home, talk with you about your project, take a look around, measure for materials, and then give you a quote on how much the project will cost.

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It sounds like a simple process and usually goes off without a hitch. The problem is that many people don't understand the vinyl siding installation quoting process and receive unpleasant surprises as a result. Here are some helpful answers to common questions.

Is the quote a firm price? Yes and no. Contractors vary on whether they intend to stick to the quoted price or not. Occasionally the true scope of a vinyl siding installation isn't obvious from the beginning, and snags in the process may increase costs after the project is underway. Some contractors stick to the quote literally and absorb any unforeseen costs. In most cases, the quote will be within 10 percent of the true price.

What about the warranty? The warranty is probably a manufacturer's warranty that comes with the siding. Contractors frequently guarantee satisfaction and in a sense create a warranty of their own. The warranty may not be mentioned in the vinyl siding installation quote so make sure you understand how the warranty works.

Will the contractor put the quote in writing? Get it in print, with the price quote, materials and labor included. An arbitrator will have little sympathy for you if it's your word against the contractor's. Don't leave anything open to interpretation.

Understand the quote before you begin your new vinyl siding installation project. You'll save money and headaches if you do.


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