How to Lower Your Vinyl Siding Cost in Chicago

Installing your own vinyl siding is a great way to save some money on labor, but how can you save a little on the cost of the siding? Living in or near a large city like Chicago can allow you to find a great deal on the vinyl siding and trim materials you need for your DIY project.

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Shop Around for Your Best Vinyl Siding Prices in Chicago

Chicago has many vinyl siding distributors and the city's fierce winters have many of them just waiting for customers to emerge from hibernation this time of year. If you know you want to use vinyl siding for your DIY project--but are open to suggestions as to what style or color--spend a little time on the telephone to find out what deals may be available. Chicago distributors such as Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply might have a little pricing leeway for vinyl siding they have in stock, but charge more for styles or colors they need to order.

You may be able to talk your way into a special price for vinyl siding styles or colors that haven't sold as well as others. In many parts of the country a certain style or color becomes popular for awhile--and Chicago has its favorites that distributors such as Lakeland Building Supply can sell quickly--but you can often negotiate on colors that aren't as trendy at the moment. A few other methods for finding lower vinyl siding prices in Chicago:

  • Find siding contractors with excess siding from a large project.
  • Join with neighbors who plan to side their homes and order at the same time for a volume discount.
  • Pick up your siding to avoid delivery charges.

Purchasing your vinyl siding in Chicago can give you many options for finding your best vinyl siding prices.

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